150 kms new bike lanes about to be built

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The Capitoline Council has approved the first extraordinary plan for the establishment and construction of 150 km of new transitory bike lanes on the main streets of the city and along other "strategic" routes to promote active and sustainable mobility in Phase 2 of the health emergency.
It is a valid alternative to the use of private cars, especially for short trips, integrated with public transport and, quickly creating an interconnected network of bike lanes on the right side of the carriageway, using only horizontal and vertical road signs.
Here is a list of the first achievements:

  • Extension of the Tuscolana bike lane, from Piazza Cinecittà to Largo Brindisi;
  • From Piazza dei Giureconsulti to Porta Cavalleggeri;
  • From Piazza Cina to Viale Egeo;
  • The extension of the Nomentana bike lane up to Piazza della Repubblica;
  • From Fonte Laurentina to Viale Cristoforo Colombo;
  • From Piazza Pio XI to Colli Portuensi;

These construction sites will start in the coming days, using financial resources already saved in budget. The itineraries are consistent with the provisions of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan (Pums) and the General Urban Traffic Plan.
"By increasing active, cycling and pedestrian mobility, we can limit the use of cars and lighten the use of public transport. It is a plan that we will implement in line with the other measures planned to ensure compliance with anti-Covid regulations, such as social distancing, which will help us to improve the liveability of our roads," says Mayor Virginia Raggi. "Transitory and not temporary, because given the emergency we will quickly implement them in a simplified mode as planned. For the longer time frame, the program is to improve them as projects and construction sites, with maximum safety for all road users, and with further defined details, to finally classify them as permanent.

“We anticipate the completion of the Roman network for those who choose to use the bicycles instead of cars, especially the much more agile electric version for the
climbs of the capital, as well as the latest generation scooters, thus freeing up space even for those who will not be able to do without their cars," adds the Councillor for
the Moving City Pietro Calabrese. "In phase 2 it will be even more important to focus on sustainable mobility and the bicycle ; the most effective, efficient and healthy
way to cover most of the trips in our city. With the approved Plan we give a concrete response to citizens and extra opportunities to leave the car at home," says the
Chairman of the Mobility Committee, Enrico Stefàno.