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From 15 June to 15 September 2021, using Car Sharing Roma cars is even cheaper! Customers (individuals and families) will be able to hire any type of car (excluding vans) from € 80.00 every 48 hours. Each subsequent 24-hour period will cost an additional € 40.00. The hourly rate excludes the distance rate (€ 0.15/km) and payment will be made at the end of the hire period. To book, send an e-mail AT LEAST 48 HOURS before hiring to; if the vehicle is returned early (more than 24 hours before the date given in the booking request), a discount of 50% will be applied on the remainder of the booking (i.e. 24 hours remaining: € 20.00 rather than € 40.00). NOTE: The rate is applicable only if the car is picked and returned to the same car park; “business” customers are excluded; Doblò Cargo and Nissan e-NV200 vehicles are excluded from the offer.

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