Campidoglio, 2020 fire fighting campaign

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Summer is coming, the Campidoglio launches the Boschivo (Aib) Fire Fighting
Campaign to prevent the danger of burning throughout the Capitoline territory during
the period of maximum danger, i.e. June, July, August and September. With an order
signed by the Mayor, Virginia Raggi; the Campaign started on 15th June and will end
on 30th September, and foresees the direct involvement of the Capitoline Civil
Protection. Among the main activities are those related to prevention, with the
monitoring and sighting of the pyres, but also and above all their extinction. In
agreement with the Municipality, 70 voluntary organizations are to be involved and
coordinated by the staff of the Capitoline Civil Protection through the Aib Radio
Room, established at the Porta Metronia office. The voluntary organizations will
ensure a garrison on the areas of the territory most at risk and will be in constant
contact with the Operations Room. You can read this on the website -
"is in charge of managing all the activities carried out by the municipal structures in
support of the shutdown operations".
On the website- there is a short handbook/ guide on forest fire
prevention. Here are some passages: avoid throwing lit cigarette butts from the
windows of cars; not smoking in the woods, roads and paths that cross them; not
lighting fires near wooded areas, for picnics only light them in equipped areas. And
again, do not park in contact with dry grass, the heat from the muffler can emit
sparks, do not leave waste in the woods. Meanwhile, last May the Region also
approved the edition of the "Regional Plan for forecasting, preventing and actively
fighting forest fires 2020-2022". A procedural document, to effectively organize
and coordinate all activities concerning forest fire fighting in the regional territory.
In Lazio, 7 thousand interventions have been recorded in the summer 2019.
In 2019 the phenomenon of forest fires in Italy almost doubled compared to the
previous year. There were more than 67 thousand firefighters from 10 June to 7
October last year, with 7 thousand in Lazio alone. According to data released by the
National Corps; 15 Canadair, 4 Eriksson, S-64 helicopters and 3 Drago Vf helicopters
were used. The vehicles performed 3,054 hours of flight, 13,242 launches of water
together with extinguishing substances. The regions most affected were Sicily with
17,399 interventions, Puglia with 12,395, Campania with 8,000, Calabria 7,695.
Compared to 2018, the interventions were almost double: 35,000 were extinguishing
operations, 1,412 hours of flight by the air fleet and 8,527 launches between water,
retardants and extinguishing substances. A fire develops due to a chemical process
of rapid combustion of certain materials. It can be logs, grass, bushes, or the heat
from a lit match, a cigarette butt. It develops and spreads more easily when there is

no prevention activity and no efficient intervention plan. The forest fire, in
particular, when it is not arson, can be due to the high inflammability of the
vegetation present; the poor maintenance of the undergrowth; the high population
density near the wooded areas; or the unfavourable climate. For this reason,
monitoring and control of the territory is of fundamental importance.

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