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Change operations

Change license plate and duplicates for lost or stolen vehicles or for change of address

Who can apply:

change of license plate: all valid-permit holders who have replaced the vehicle indicated on the permit;

duplicate for lost or stolen vehicles: all permit holders who have lost their vehicle or have suffered the theft of the sticker and who want to request another for the same vehicle indicated on the previous sticker;

duplicate due to change of address: residents in LTZ zones who have valid permits and who have moved their residence to another residence in the same LTZ zone for which they had obtained the permit.

N.B. These operations can be performed for passenger cars with the same fiscal power as the previously authorized vehicle on the permit or for trucks with the same anti-pollution characteristics

How many permits may be issued:

1 permit

How long is it valid:

the same expiry date as the previous permit

What allows you to do:

the same permissions as the previous sticker

How to request the permit:

by mail, by sending your completed application form, a copy of the documents mentioned in it, and a copy of your identification document, to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità - via Silvio D'Amico n 38 - 00145 Rome;

by fax, by sending your completed request form, a copy of the documents referred to therein and a copy of your identity document to the number +39 06.46956660;

at the public teller's window, by presenting your completed application form, a copy of the documents referred to therein and a copy of your identity document and of any delegation + a copy of the ID of the mandated person, if necessary;

via internet, by signing up on the site, exclusively for residents to change their license plates and for duplicate stickers due to a change of address.

The forms with specific instructions are available in the box "Forms" on the right of this page.

The sending of the request and of the documentation for the new permit is not sufficient to avoid administrative penalties. Only those in possession of the sticker are authorized to enter the LTZ area.


Amounts for all LTZs

change license plate

€ 132.00

duplicate for theft

€ 150.00

duplicate for loss

€ 150.00

duplicate due to change of address

ISO 9001