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Reservations should be made on ecobonus.mise, platform. On 1 September, 400 million euro is available to book the "Bonus Auto", the non-refundable contribution for those who buy low-emission vehicles. Reservations must be made through the platform

This was announced by Invitalia, which specifies how the fund has been refinanced through the "August Decree", with another 400 million euros. The substantial initiative required the emission bands to be remodeled. This measure has divided the CO 2 emission band 61-110 g/km, which had been introduced with the Re-launch Decree, into two bands of CO2 emissions between 61-90 g/km and 91-110 g/km. In particular, 100 million euros were allocated for the original eco bonus introduced with the Budget Law 2019, for purchasing cars in the bands 0-20 g/km CO2 and 21-60 g/km CO2 and 50 million for the additional contributions introduced with the Relaunch Decree for the same bands. A further 250 million euros will be allocated for cars inside the higher bands, of which 150 million for the 61-90 g/km band and 100 million for the 91-110 g/km band. These resources will be used to finance, until 31 December 2020, contributions for the purchase of new vehicles with or without scrapping the old cars. The contributions granted for the emission bands 0-20 g/km and 21-60 g/km are:

  • 0-20 g/km: 6,000 euros with scrapping and 4,000 without scrapping the old vehicle.
  • 21-60 g/km: 2,500 euros with scrapping and 1,500 without scrapping the old vehicle.

About the two new emission bands 61-90 g/km and 91-110 g/km, the contributions made available have been redefined as follows:

  • 61-90 g/km: 1,750 euros with scrapping and 1,000 euro without scrapping the old vehicle.
  • 91-110 g/km: 1,500 euros with scrapping and 750 euro without scrapping the old vehicle.

The eco bonus for the two new bands can only be requested for vehicles purchased and registered from August 15, 2020.

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