Electric scooters, guide to use in the city

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Three thousand electric scooters in less than a week. Even on the streets of Rome
since last May 28th you can rent, for journeys of all distances, the micro-vehicles
that are becoming a new protagonist in the traffic of many Italian and European
cities. There are currently three shared mobility service operators in the city:
Helbiz, Lime and Bird. Electric scooters have started their first rides in the Centre,
where most of the vehicles are now concentrated, usually positioned next to the
bicycles always in sharing mode. They will gradually reach other parts of the city. The
service will operate in Parioli/Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano/Universita, San
Lorenzo, San Giovanni, Rione Prati, Trionfale/Medaglie d'Oro, Portuense, Marco Polo,
Garbatella/Ostiense, Tor Marancia/Montagnola, Ardeatino, San Paolo/Marconi and
Prati della Vittoria. Helbiz: in collaboration with Telepass. In addition to shared

electric scooters , Helbiz provides a platform for locating vehicles and personnel for
recharging, sanitation and maintenance. An app is used for rental.
Cost : 1 euro for the initial release plus 15 cents per minute for the ride . There are
also offers with monthly rate.

Lime: also for these vehicles, you can start from an app on your mobile phone that
allows you to locate the scooter on the map, scan the QR code and unlock it with a
key. Also through the app, you can follow the instructions to end the rental and park
the vehicle. The costs: 1 euro for the unlocking, then for each additional minute you
pay 25 cents. There are also subscriptions: the Lime Week Pass (weekly) costs 2
euros and 99 and saves the cost of unlocking. Lime Monthly Passes (monthly) will
include free unlocking for 30 minutes of travel: 8 rides (19.99 Euros), 25 rides (44.99
Euros), 50 rides (79.99 Euros), 100 rides (149.99 Euros, usable for 3 months).
Bird: the first step for the rental is to download the app. Once the location is found,
the QR code is used to unlock the vehicle and start the ride. Costs? One euro for the
unlocking, 25 cents for each minute. If you use the mobility bonus, the company will
issue an invoice for those who want to take advantage of the 60% refund of the
services. The different subscription options include 5 free trips for 50 euros, 10 for
100 euros and so on up to 100 free trips for 500 euros.

In anticipation of a possible "wild scooter", Bird will use a Community Mode to report
through the app any unparked scooters and malfunctioning vehicles.
Dott: in addition to the standard rate, Pay per ride, (1 euro unlocking fee + 0.19 cent
per minute), two types of packages have been developed for those who use this
service on a regular basis: free unlocking, package of 2.99: 100 free unlocks, valid for
7 days, ePass 4 rides, package of 5.99: 4 rides with unlocking and 15 minutes each
included, valid for 3 days. The management of the fleet is entrusted to internal
staff, who are also responsible for ensuring that the vehicles remain in the
operational area. The rental of the scooters is done through apps: from the map you
search for the nearest vehicle, you reach it, you set the QR code, you decide which
offer is right for you and you leave for your ride. Dott can be taken from Ponte
Milvio to Ostiense station, from the Vatican to Piazza Fiume. The general rules :To
drive an electric scooter you must be at least 14 years old. Until 18 the helmet is
These means of transport, equivalent to bicycles, can only circulate on urban roads
where there is a limit of 50 km/h and which are not already banned for two pedal
wheels, and to be used on bike lanes whenever available. The maximum speed allowed

is 25 km/h, reduced to 6 km/h in pedestrian areas; it is mandatory to make yourself
visible in the evening and when the lighting is poor. Both hands must be free and hold
the handlebars, except when it is necessary to signal that you are turning. It is
forbidden to carry other people or objects. Also, keep to the right and never go
side-by-side. Never tow or be towed. The sidewalks are for pedestrians only. The
same applies as in article 182 of the Highway Code refering to bicycles, specifies that
"Cyclists must push the vehicle by hand when, due to traffic conditions, they are in
the way or endangering pedestrians. In such cases they are treated as pedestrians
and must use common diligence and prudence". And then, of course, there are all the
other rules of the Highway Code: from traffic lights to priorities in the forbidden
senses. And no distractions, it is not a toy but a vehicle for all intents and purposes.

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