Galleria Giovanni XXIII

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Stadium street works have started and will last 35 days

Street works have started on the "southern barrel" section towards the Olympic/Salaria
Stadium of the Giovanni XXIII Gallery. The operations, which required the closure of
the tunnel descending to the stadium, will be completed within 35 days. The Department
of Public Works (Simu) and Roma Servizi per la Mobilità s.r.l. have developed two
alternative routes during the period of interventions that will overcome the closure and
allow traffic to resume the East Tangential in the direction of Corso Francia/Salaria.
Alternative route 1 (about 7 km long) - from via Pineta Sacchetti, past the "Gemelli"
Hospital, follow the directions via Trionfale towards the city center, then turn left into
via Igea and pass through Walter Rossi Square; turn left into via Camilluccia and
continue north for about 1.4 km, turn right into via dei Colli della Farnesina and
continue on this road until you reach the intersection with viale Antonino da San
Giuliano. At this point turn right in the direction of the⁴ Tangential and continue left,
enter it directly towards via Salaria.

Alternative route 2 (about 10 km long) – from Via Pineta Sacchetti, past the
“Gemelli” Hospital, follow the road signs towards via Trionfale – city center direction – and
continue for about 2.5 km, then turn left in via Cavalieri di directly Vittorio Veneto (la
Panoramica); on arrival in piazzale Clodio turn right and, at the traffic light system of
Via della Giuliana, turn left (to reverse on Piazzale Clodio); continue straight on piazzale
Clodio and, then on the Clodia bypass (circonvallazione Clodia) in the direction of
piazzale Maresciallo Giardino (Olympic Stadium). Continue straight along lungotevere
Marsesciallo Cadorna and Marshal Diaz for about 1.3 km up to the intersection with
viale Antonino di San Giuliano. At this point turn left in the direction of the Tangentiale
and continue left, enter it (Tangenziale) towards via Salaria.

As in the case of the northern barrel (direction Pineta Sacchetti), this area is
redeveloped and open to traffic, the street works will be conducted along approximately
2.9 km of road surface in the tunnel, on manholes and drain cleaning, on horizontal and
vertical signages restyling, installation of shock attenuators near the exits, replacement
of damaged safety barriers, waterproofing of the tunnel's bump, sanitization and
restoration of reflective photo panels to improve their internal visibility. In addition, a
photocatalytic and anti-smog paint will be applied to the panels at the end of
operations. For the redevelopment of both tunnels the total investment is almost 5
million euros.

“The construction sites in the city are moving forward in accordance with the law, even
at this very delicate time. The limited traffic flows in Rome and, specifically in the
business area, aims to limit inconvenience to citizens. For this reason work will
commence in April. Galleria Giovanni XXIII will be completely redeveloped", explained
the mayor Virginia Raggi.

“The work on this barrel – pointed out the Councilor for Infrastructure Linda Meleo -
will have a shorter duration than the previous stroke and with a great deal of
coordination work between the Department of Infrastructure, The Department of Public
Works (Simu) and the Companies. Every effort will be made to shorten the time even
further. Given the limitation of travel required by the Coronavirus emergency and the
zero traffic situation, it is essential to optimize the moment. However, we continue to
plan future interventions that ensure the safety of citizens”

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