June 5 is Environment Day

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World Environment Day: What's on Friday, June 5th, World Environment Day will be celebrated (for the photo, unesco.it).
Established in 1974, it is accompanied by a slogan as simple as it is immediate:
“there is only one land”. The "common house", for which we are all called to care for. The
theme of the Day is - The decline of the planet's biodiversity. As we read on the Ispra site,
the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, "about one million living
species (out of an estimated total of about 8.7 million) are threatened with extinction. Many
ecosystems have been destroyed, degraded, fragmented and only a small percentage has
remained intact".
With the biodiversity crisis "the provision of eco-system services: from food to wood, from
water to medicines, from climate regulation to soil erosion control, from recreational to
cultural values, is at risk".
"It's time for Nature", is the motto chosen for the 2020 edition of World Environment Day.
On Friday morning, Ispra will organize a round table (via web, isprambiente.gov.it). An
initiative that follows the UN's invitation for the world to contribute "to raise the global
awareness of citizens on the dramatic decline of nature and to stimulate concrete actions to
stop and reverse it".

The "Sentiero dei Parchi" project

A few days ago a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of the
Environment and the Cai (Italian Alpine Club) to promote the culture of the environment,
biodiversity and sustainable development and; among other things, to create the "Sentiero
dei Parchi": a hiking trail including all 25 national parks in Italy. The starting point is the
"Sentiero Italia CAI", over 7000 km long, connecting all the Italian regions along the
Apennine ridge and the Alps; from Santa Teresa Gallura, in the north of Sardinia, to Muggia,
in the province of Trieste. This itinerary already crosses 16 national parks and has 85 stages.
A "passport" will also be created, a symbolic recognition for hikers who have managed to
make stops in all 25 national parks. 35 million euros has been allocated for the protection of
sensitive areas over the period 2020-2033.

Green pact to protect biodiversity by planting three billion trees. This is the objective of
the European Union, within the framework of the so-called Green New deal, the new green
pact, precisely to protect biodiversity. Meanwhile, one of the naturalistic and cultural
treasures of our country, the Via Francigena, more than 2,000 kilometers from northern
Europe to Rome, continues its "journey" to try to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
On 28 May, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage organized a preliminary meeting with three
other States where the via Francigena passes, England (the path was born in Canterbury),
Switzerland and the Vatican also took part. An update is scheduled for 24 June (for more
information, viefrancigene.org). Also worth mentioning is the Francigena of the south, which
officially became part of the itinerary last year, 900 kilometers from Rome to Puglia, passing

through Campania, Basilicata and Molise. The "crossing of Italy" organized by 5 environmental
guides (tourists4future.it) will start at the beginning of July. The aim is to bring to light,all
20 regions of the Bel Paese, passing through natural parks, and include villages, traditions,
and people, via a 90-day journey by showing Italy’s nature, environment, sustainability and
also local tourism. The journey will start from Palermo, and arrival will be in Bergamo. The
journey will be recorded day- by- day on the social media of the project.

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