Line n.424 arrives in San Basilio

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Casal Monastero is also expecting news on transport services

"From September 14th the districts of San Basilio and Casal Monastero, in the north-east of Rome, will be able to count on more direct and faster bus connections to the metro B line. The new connections will allow citizens and residents to reach the metro stations more easily; and from here the city centre".

Thus said the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi , on her Facebook page . From September 14, the new circular bus line 424 will come to san Basilio, which will connect the neighborhood with the Ponte Mammolo metro station.

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(Scarica il depliant informativo in formato PDF)

The 404 line route, will be modified to make the connection between San Basilio, Casal Monastero and the Rebibbia metro station faster. (Download the information leaflet in PDF format). The 424 line will be running every day. The departures, from Ponte Mammolo, will be from 5.30 am and up to 10 minutes after midnight. As for the 404 line, to give a more effective connection to the Metro B, the line will no longer pass inside San Basilio district and will stop at the new terminus of Rebibbia metro B station. Also, the diverted school runs will stop there. The diversionary school runs, however, remain unchanged with the terminus at San Giovanni Argentella and Viale Marx/Casale Aguzzano. The times of the first and last departure of line 404 remain unchanged.

From Rebibbia, the first and last run are at 5:30 am and 2:00pm respectively;
From San Giovanni Argentella, the first and last run are at 5:30 am and 2:00pm respectively;

The departures of the diverted school runs:
From Rebibbia: Monday to Friday: 12:51am – 1:36 pm -2:36 pm- 4:00 pm - 4:42 pm.
On saturday: 8:00 am – 1:25 pm

From San Giovanni Argentella: Monday to Friday: 7:15 am – 7:40 am.
On Saturday at 8:00 am.

The departures of the limited diversionary school runs:
From viale Marx/Aguzzano: Monday to Friday 2,25 pm;
From San Giovanni Argentella: Monday to Friday 7,10 am.

"From September 14, two highly populated areas of the northeast quadrant will have direct and faster connections with the B-line metro stations and then with the city centre. This is an important concrete change in response to the citizens' requests and which is part of an overall plan to reorganize the bus network in Rome," says the Mayor, Virginia Raggi.
"We improve and strengthen the network in the suburbs of our city. The new 424 line, exclusively serving the San Basilio district, will allow citizens and residents to easily and more quickly reach an important interchange such as the B-line metro station of Ponte Mammolo", adds the Councillor for the City in Motion, Pietro Calabrese.
"An important step to meet the needs of a suburban neighborhood that, in this way, will have a more effective connection to metro B", says the President of the Mobility Commission, Enrico Stefàno.

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