From 12/4 new traffic between the ring road and the A24 motorway

Intervento sperimentale, ecco cosa cambia

From Monday, 12 April, experimentation of new traffic flow between the Tangenziale Est (East Orbital Road) and the junction for the A24 Motorway.

A new experimentation will start on Monday, 12 April to improve road safety and traffic flow on the section of the Tangenziale Est (East Orbital Road) towards San Giovanni between Via Tiburtina and the junction for the A24 Motorway.

The road system will change:

  • vehicles coming from Tangenziale Est (East Orbital Road) will no longer be able to turn right in the direction of the A24 motorway, but will be able to turn at the next exit at Largo Settimio Passamonti and head directly towards the motorway.
  • vehicles coming from Via Tiburtina and the Verano Cemetery will be able to remain on the right-hand side of the carriageway and continue towards the A24 and San Giovanni, while it will be forbidden to merge into the left-hand lane and continue on the Tangenziale Est (East Orbital Road).

The primary objective is to improve road safety, reducing the number of accidents caused by intersecting traffic flows and, at the same time, reducing waiting times for vehicles entering Rome from the A24 and those accessing the motorway.

Traffic flows, especially in the initial phase of the trial, will be constantly monitored by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità and Strada dei Parchi. In the days preceding the change in traffic flow, changing traffic conditions will be displayed on road signs along the GRA (Rome Ring Road) and on the A24 motorway entering Rome.