22 new methane buses ordered for Atac lines

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At the end of December, the Capitol Hill has submitted a purchase order for the supply of 22 new methane buses, twelve meters with three doors, to be allocated to Atac, for a total amount of almost 7.5 million euros. "With this operation - commented the Capitoline Councillor for Transport, Eugenio Patanè - the Consip convention initiated by the previous administration is closed. The 22 new buses are added to the other 29 methane buses and 70 hybrids already in service in recent days and represent the beginning of a journey that will lead us to revolutionize public transport in Rome, increasing the quality and safety of users. We expect to have, by 2026, more than 1200 new vehicles that will replace vehicles that have reached the end of their life. We expect to replace the first 600 buses by the end of 2022"

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