Atac, the Council unlocks the supply of 70 hybrid buses

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The City Council has approved a resolution on the outline of an agreement between Roma Capitale, the Lazio Region and Atac, which unlocks the supply of 70 hybrid buses and extends the service contract for parking managed by ATAC for six months. The agreement authorises Atac to pay an advance of euro 40 million to unblock the supply of 70 hybrid buses that have been idle for some time.
According to the Campidoglio, the project to replace around one hundred Euro 3 class vehicles - aged between 15 and 18 years - with an equal number of Euro 6 hybrids is thus completed, with a consequent reduction in pollution. At the same meeting, the Council also approved the six-month extension of the service contract for the management of blue lines and interchange car parks by Atac, bringing its expiry date into line with that of the public transport service contract.
According to Mobility Councillor Eugenio Patanè, the measure will enable Atac to increase the quality and quantity of its services by replacing older buses with new-generation ones, to the benefit of the company's profitability and, above all, of public transport users.
Satisfaction was also expressed by the new mayor, Roberto Gualtieri: "The entire council is committed to an intense process of relaunching the city's government activities. An overall acceleration on procedures and on the achievement of objectives is underway to immediately strengthen services of fundamental importance for the life of citizens".
Approved also, the proposed resolution on the guidelines for appointments, designations and revocation of representatives of Roma Capitale in monocratic or collegial bodies, administration and control, in bodies, companies, institutions and participating companies.


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