The bike lane along the Aventine is very popular

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The bike lane along the Lungotevere Aventino has become a popular part of the mobility habits of the residents of the historic centre, but also of those who enjoy urban outings on two wheels.

The Aventine riverfront bike lane runs for a total of 1.3 km, all in a linear extension, and it is extremely strategic in that its passage over Ponte Sublicio allows the reconnection of the existing network of bike lanes  on both sides of the river Tiber.

Another strength of this lane reserved for bicycles and micro-mobility vehicles is that it allows the reconnection and ; therefore, a network effect with four other important existing cycle routes:

Firstly, the Tiber ridge that runs along the quay.Secondly, the bike lane along Via Portuense (after Porta Portese).Thirdly, the bike lane of Via Rubattino - Via Zabaglia and finally, the bike lane of Via del Circo Massimo (connecting Largo Amerigo Petrucci), which in turn connects to the PON Route "Piazzale Ostiense - Via dei Cerchi along Viale Aventino".

Roma Capitale also participated in the PON Città Metropolitane 2014-2020 together with the capital cities of the 14 metropolitan cities, with a budget of EUR 37.77 million, a considerable part of which was allocated to support sustainable urban mobility with the implementation of infomobility projects and expansion of the bicycle network.