COVID-19, travel rules from 6 November 2020

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Curfew from 10 pm to 5 am until 3 December

What has changed
From 6 November 2020, in fulfilment of the Decree by the Prime Minister’s Office of 3.11.2020, the rules for using public transport have changed. Here are the details.

School bus services are operating on the entire network, although secondary and high schools are being taught online and offices are in smart working, in order to provide the best possible service.
The beginning and end times remain unchanged, except for the number 8 tram, which will not be operating the extended timetable on weekends, with service ending at midnight from Casaletto and 00:29 from piazza Venezia. The number N8 bus (Casaletto-Venezia-Termini) will operate on the same route as the number 8 tram during the late evening hours.
From Monday 9 November, the 070, 118, 246, 246P, 515, 709, 731 and 795 bus routes will be managed by the Roma Tpl consortium using tourist buses. standard Metrebus tickets and subscriptions (Rome and Lazio for zone A) will still be valid on these buses and on the rest of the network. At the same time, ATAC will increase frequencies on the H-40, 64, 80, 105, 201, 337, 409, 451, 542, 556, 671, 766 and 913 bus routes.

TRAVEL RULES – FOLLOW THEM TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 – up to 50 percent of the capacity of the vehicle will be allowed on board.
-do not use seats facing other people on buses, electric buses, trams and regional trains.
Follow the instructions for getting on and off; let people get off before getting on.
Do not get on if social distancing is not possible.

ALWAYS WEAR A FACE MASK COVERING YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE – In addition to preventing the spread of the virus and as an act of civility towards others, FACE MASKS ARE COMPULSORY INDOORS AND OUTDOORS.
-ALWAYS take the precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, disinfect your hands and wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth. Protect your own health and that of others and prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Distancing of 1 metre is not necessary in the case of people living in the same house or married couples and people in stable interpersonal relationships.
In the case of fixed number access, the disabled, pregnant women and health workers with their identification badges will have priority.

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