Cycling, the “Grab” project unveiled in Europe

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The Grab, the great bicycle connector, was part of the annual conference of the European project for innovation in public transport “Polis”, organised in Gothenburg, Sweden, this year. About 700 mobility experts, politicians and researchers took part. Rome was involved in the “bit a bit longer” session, moderated by the Chairman of the EU Bicycle Federation, Henk Swarttouw, together with Puglia Region and the city administrations of Bologna, Copenhagen and Ljubljana. In this context, attention was focused on the Grab project and its nearly 50 km of cycle paths (half of them already existing), also characterised by the connection with several underground stops and other public transport systems, parks and museums, making people and their freedom of movement without cars of motorbikes the focal point of the project. The interest of European cities was unanimous in Grab and in the development of mobility policies in Rome, which it must be said is slated to become one of the 10 future cycling capitals. On the other hand, that Grab will not be merely a cycling path but a new idea of a city emerged clearly in July during the project unveiling conference. The project is a major work of widespread urban regeneration, for which the State-Regions conference last week gave the go-ahead for 14 million in financing for its completion. The funds are part of those allocated in support of cycling mobility and tourist cycle routes. The project is being supervised by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, which received this assignment from the Campidoglio. The completion date should be by the 2025 Jubilee, and the various requests for bids will be issued next year so that the worksites can also begin working next year. Details and updates on the great bicycle connector are also available on our website, in the section dedicated to cycling

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