Fixed metro systems, thirteen "special observers".

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As part of its inspection of fixed installations (undergrounds, elevators and escalators) and railways for which ATAC is responsible, the National Agency for Rail, Road and Motorway Infrastructure Safety found "a number of discrepancies that made it impossible to proceed with the testing of installations or the overhaul of vehicles.

In particular, Ansfisa did not grant clearance for the overhaul of two escalators in the San Paolo metro station and a system at Termini station. For both systems, reads a note, "it will be necessary to comply with some technical requirements before resuming service". A total of 13 systems are under observation by Ansfisa in the capital, including the escalators at Flaminio and Barberini stations and the elevators at Ponte Lungo, Furio Camillo and Casal Bernocchi (Roma-Lido railway).

The authorization to continue the service was also not granted to two trains in service on line C and one used on line B of the subway: in both cases "the maintenance necessary to pass the intermediate revision, required every 5 years of activity, had not been carried out". The trains, therefore, will not be allowed to return to service until they have complied with Ansfisa's requirements.

A tram in service on line 90 will also be banned from service. Finally, on the railway front, as part of inspection activities relating to trains in use on the Rome-Lido line, Ansfisa ascertained that "the maximum distance covered by a Caf Ma300 train had been exceeded, following failure to carry out the intermediate revision and compensatory checks. The vehicle was still being used without complying with the Agency's previous provisions. Failure to comply with Ansfisa's directives resulted in a penalty being imposed on ATAC, in its capacity as manager of the service".