Grande partecipazione all’iniziativa “Scuola in Bici”

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A morning of cycling, in the true sense of the word. And all in “mini” format, for the children involved in the “Bike school” organised last Friday by the Borgoncini Duca comprehensive school (and its mobility manager, Beatrice Riposati), coordianted by Roma Capitale and Roma Servizi per la Mobilità and with the active involvement of the association of the cycling champion Valerio Agnoli. The city Metropolitan City administration, the Embassy of the Netherlands, the District XIII administration and the Bikeconomy Observatory were also involved. As explained by the school heads, “the realisation of the cycling path on via Gregorio VII is an opportunity to launch a campaign to encourage gentle mobility”. With a crash helmet and accompanied by parents, the cycling on grass morning began on the cycling path on via Gregorio VII, then reaching the school. Once there, “cycling lessons” replaced mathematics, history and geography. The Doctor Bike course was intended to teach bicycle repairs, but there were also specialist circuits set up the team of the cyclist Valerio Agnoli with practical tests to explain safety rules. Among the materials used by the children to learn about sustainable mobility was a cargo-bike supplied by Bosch, which could become an ideal means of transport for books. At the end of the “Bike school” morning, all participants were rewarded with a certificate from Roma Servizi per a Mobilità.

Article published in Trasposrti & Mobilità on 31 May 2021.

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