Highway Code: the changes in force from 13 November

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The Infrastructures decree approved by Parliament also includes some changes to the Highway Code, in force from 10 November. The following are some of them. Mobile phone while driving: the sanction for those distracted while driving is now valid for any electronic device (tablets, laptops and any device which implies removing the hands from the steering wheel as well as being distracted). Parking: whoever parks their car in a space reserved for the disabled now risks a fine of almost 700 Euros and the deduction of 6 points from their licence. Pedestrian crossings: obviously, pedestrians crossing the road have right of way, but so do those who are at the crossing and preparing to cross the road. Helmets on bikes: the driver will always be fined if the passenger is not wearing a helmet; the previous rule was that the driver was fined only if the passenger was a minor. Electric scooters: the speed limit in pedestrian areas stays at 6 kilometres per hour, but in other cases, the speed limit is reduced from 25 to 20 kilometres per hour. Random parking and simultaneous identification by the local administrators of dedicated areas for parking these vehicles. It must also be recalled that transporting other people or items, using the pavement and driving against the traffic flow are also forbidden. Still on the subject of electric scooters, as of next July, these vehicles must have brakes on both wheels and indicators. Scooters already in circulation must be modified to comply with this rule by January 2024. Driving: the validity of the “foglio rosa” (learner’s permit) is extended to one year and three attempts at the class B licence exam rather than two. Electric cars: vehicles may only be parked next to the charging point for the time needed to recharge the battery. It will be possible to install CCTV cameras at level crossings to identify those crossing when they shouldn’t. Lastly, each year all local authorities must publish on their website a statement of what the income from fines is being used for.