The Mobility Centre monitors strategic points in the city with 94 cameras.

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E' il cuore pulsante di Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

It is the beating heart of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

An integrated telematic system of ITS technologies that offers 365 days a year data and information for flexible mobility management and tools for real-time and planned information to citizens, commuters and tourists. This is the Mobility Centre, the beating heart of the Agenzia Roma Servizi per la Mobilità.

From 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., every day, it oversees the processes of data acquisition, maintenance and automatic sanctions, monitors the state of mobility as a whole in real time (through 94 cameras aimed at as many strategic points in the city), coordinating with various institutional and non-institutional bodies, and disseminates information to users through variable message signs and electronic bollards. In addition, it feeds the news section on the app and on the website, and directly inserts alerts on events (scheduled and unscheduled) and road closures into the Waze platform. Finally, it oversees the flow of data from public transport operators (ATAC and Roma Tpl) aimed at continuously updating bus arrival forecasts at bus stops.

The system's monitoring actions are also carried out thanks to a special network of sensors installed on some of the capital's arteries.

The structure, the centralised supervisor and the ITS systems

The Central Station has an open, modular and expandable structure, based on two levels of control: the centralised supervisor and the systems operating at the first level with distributed intelligence logic in the peripheral equipment. ITS (Intelligent Transport System) systems operating at the first level support the regulation of urban traffic and contribute to greater efficiency and sustainability in the movement of vehicles and people. The development of ITS has equipped the city with a system of variable message signs along the main roads, a network of video surveillance cameras, traffic flow measuring stations, centralised traffic light systems, electronic gates for controlling and sanctioning access to LTZs and priority lanes, instruments for detecting red light traffic and monitoring journey times and average speed limits on routes. The technological systems under the control of the Mobility Centre include about 1,500 traffic light systems (flow, centralised coordinated and with a device for pedestrian yellow light counter); the operators collect reports of faults, also through a dedicated telephone line used mainly by the Local Police officers, and carry out monitoring activities on the systems.

ISO 9001