National Recovery an Resilience Plan: the transport fund report

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Yesterday, Enrico Giovannini, the Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, took stock of the resources earmarked for major works. On the table, there is 61.4 billion euros, as well as 36 billion for investments in the budget law and 5.4 billion allocated as an advance of the Development and Cohesion Fund.

"We have made complementary choices to the NRP to fill the gaps," he told the Auditorum during the "Italiadomani" conference, "so in reality we have 103 billion. The NRP, for example, does not intervene on roads, so we have allocated 11 billion lire for them."
 Giovannini explained that he had "contacted the mayors of the five metropolitan cities that have metro lines, Genoa, Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples, and I told them that we have 4.7 billion on mass rapid transport from the budget law to distribute".
As far as Rome is concerned, Giovannini let it be known that he had written to Mayor Gualtieri proposing an allocation of €1.6 billion for the completion of Metro C. And a large investment for the Termini-Vatican-Aurelio tramway.

"It is a testimony of attention and importance for the capital - said the minister - but also an opportunity for development for the whole country". According to the mayor Roberto Gualtieri, the 1.6 billion euro, while representing "a very significant step forward, is not enough. Other funds are needed," he said, "for the completion and extension of the A and B metro lines, and there is still a 5 billion euro gap. And then on the electric buses, which number just over 400 and must reach the target of 500". Finally, Gualtieri thanked the minister for the funds earmarked for the Termini-Vatican-Aurelio tramway.

The resources," he said, "will not only be used for the trams but also for the depots.

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