New bike lanes here on the Flaminio riverfront

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A 3.3 km route

In the shade of plane trees and maritime pines, the Luisa di Savoia-Ponte Milvio bike lane runs under the branches and foliage of the trees that have always characterised the landscape along the Tiber river. Three kilometres and 300 metres of one-way lane along the "rive gauche" of the Tiber, in a central place of the city, from Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo, to Lungotevere Thaon di Revel.

On its way to its final destination, the bike lane crosses the Matteotti, Risorgimento, Duca d'Aosta and Ponte della Musica bridges, thus embracing the entire bend in the river that also includes the Flaminio district. This bike lane is part of the 150-kilometre 'transitional' plan approved by the administration in April 2020 in the midst of the pandemic emergency. The roadwork on the Luisa di Savoia-Ponte Milvio bike lane was completed in a short time after construction began in November 2020.

Along much of the route, the lane is also "protected" by paid parking spaces. These spaces have been redesigned and reorganised as a result of the work carried out to build the bike lane. The same has happened with the pedestrian crossings along the route and the asphalt levels placed around the plane trees where the roots were now above the level of the road surface.

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