New escalators, Castro Pretorio station closed from 5 October

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Works for the replacement of 48 escalators, elevators and moving walkways in ten stations on the B-line of the underground are continuing”, Atac has disclosed in a note. “These ar
installations that have reached the end of their useful lifetime, as they have been in use for over thirty years, and which thus need to be completely replaced with new installations. This will mean that the B-line underground stations involved in the refit will all have latest generation installations, with obvious benefits to the service and passengers”.

“The works have already been started by the contractor in Bologna, Tiburtina, Monti Tiburtini, Quintiliani and Santa Maria del Soccorso stations. The next worksite to be opened will be in Castro Pretorio station, and then Policlinico station, which, given the different structures of the installations, will mean that the two stations will be closed for several months to enable the dismantling, assembly and testing of each element according to the safety laws in force.

Castro Pretorio station will be closed to the public from Monday 5 October and Policlinico station from 29 November. Technicians are finalizing their inspections, with the date of conclusion of the works is expected to be announced in the next few days, and studying alternative mobility solutions including the use of replacement services if necessary. The works will continue in other stations but there should not be any more closures”.