Ponte della Magliana: roadworks from January 11

Campidoglio: The requalification of Ponte della Magliana continues.
The completion of works on the roadway has started. It starts on January 11 with the construction of the new traffic island. From 27/1 the closure of the carriageway towards Fiumicino is planned ; then from March 4, work will start on the incoming carriageway towards Rome. The Mayor Raggi: "Maintenance work waited more than forty years to be done. It will provide more safety for thousands of citizens. The second phase of the extraordinary maintenance work along Ponte della Magliana will begin on Monday 11 January. The interuptions, (as in the first phase of works) on the structural part of the bridge, will be coordinated by the Simu: Department of Roma Capitale and initially provide for the installation of a new central reservation until January 26. During the first three days, the construction site will be prepared at night, with complete closure of the Roma-Fiumicino carriageway from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. on the following day, while subsequent works will be carried out during the day on a single lane for each direction, where the other lane will be available for the transit of cars and heavy vehicles. "After more than forty years we restyle the whole Magliana Bridge, from the structural part to the roadway, enhancing its safety. This is a long-awaited intervention for the entire southern quadrant of the city because every day thousands of vehicles entering the city or heading to Fiumicino Airport pass over it," says the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. 
"We begin the second phase of work on the Ponte della Magliana, after the completion of the first part of the structure carried out last summer. Now we will renew the entire roadway and complete residual interventions on the structure. We are talking about; for example, new road surfaces, hydraulic network, replacement of safety barriers and the complete remaking of the road sign. As an Administration, we are investing a lot in prevention and safety for bridges, overpasses and viaducts. These are fundamental extraordinary maintenance operations have been long awaited for several years, and have also been carried out on other infrastructures in the city of this type;  with the objective of maintaining them on a planned and rather than occasional basis", underlines the Councillor for Infrastructure Linda Meleo.The works on the roadway in the direction of Fiumicino airport will last about 35 days, during which the entire section of the bridge and the viaduct of Magliana will be closed to traffic for those coming from Viale Isacco Newton. The public transport bus lines will be diverted to alternative routes. The remodelling operations include the resurfacing of the road surface, the replacement of the expansion joints, reclamation of the rainwater drainage system, waterproofing of the structure, replacement of all the safety barriers, restyling of the road markings and the maintenance of the bike line, which will be inaccessible for the entire duration of the works. Starting from March 3, the section from Ponte della Magliana toward Rome and Eur will be closed to traffic, and the works will be completed about 30 days later, except in the case of delays due to weather conditions. The complete closure of each carriageway, during the respective phases of the worksite, will make it possible to speed up the upgrading operations while guaranteeing the quality of the works. The decision to carry out the works at this time of the year is due to the lower impact of traffic flows, because of Covid-19 emergency and the current ‘smartwork’ regime for most of the citizens.  It aims to complete redevelopment of both carriageways on the Bridge before major events, that are  very important for Rome, such as the Formula E Grand Prix- scheduled for April 10, 2021, and the races valid for the European Football Championship 2021 from June 11. Once completed, the redevelopment of the Ponte della Magliana will also allow a rapid and safe connection with Fiumicino Airport. During the periods of complete closure of the two carriageways on the bridge on the nights of 11th, 12th and 13th January and for vehicles coming from Rome-Fiumicino and Viale Isacco Newton, it will be possible to drive along Via della Magliana. The Viadotto della Magliana will also be closed and traffic diverted onto Via Cristoforo Colombo. Also, vehicles will not be allowed to access the two ramps leading to the Magliana viaduct at the Sheraton Hotel and the reversing ramp on Via del Cappellaccio. On the days preceding installation of the worksite, temporary road signs will be set up by the company that will carry out the work, coordinated by the Public Works Department, and signs will be put up indicating alternative routes to be followed before each carriageway is completely closed, including variable message signs in nearby areas and on the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Great Ring Road).