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Metro A:Arco di Travertino-Ottaviano section closed until August 24. Shuttle buses instead

Translated by V. Zelada.

Aim : to conclude full track renewal works by Christmas.


In anticipation of the completion of works between Anagnina and Ottaviano, from Aug. 11 to Aug. 24 , Metro A service is rescheduled with some partial closures.

Specifically, from August 11 to 13, Metro A service is suspended between Anagnina and Subaugusta. The suspension affects the central Arco di Travertino-Ottaviano section from Aug. 14 to Aug. 24.

During the outages, a shuttle bus service is provided with up to 90 active buses, passing every five minutes.

Details of the outage between Aug. 14 and Aug. 24

From August 14 to August 24, Metro A is interrupted between Arco di Travertino and Ottaviano. In the interrupted section, the connection is provided by the MA15 bus shuttle. Routes are regular along the Ottaviano-Battistini and Arco di Travertino-Anagnina sections.

The service schedule will be as follows: last Metro A and MA15 shuttle runs at 9 p.m.; after 9 p.m. on the entire line, the connection will be provided by MA bus line until 11:30 p.m. (NB : on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19, MA bus line will be active until 1:30 a.m.). During night hours, active bus line nMA, along the entire route as usual.

From Friday, August 25, Metro A will resume the usual service on the entire line, with the usual times always related to track renewal works, which will return to be carried out only in the evenings and at night: from Sunday to Thursday Metro A active from 5.30 am and until 9 pm, then on the street the replacement bus line MA. On Fridays and Saturdays regular metro service with last runs from terminals at 1.30 am. Once the line service is over, on the same route, a reminder again, that there is always the nMA night bus line.

Find the details of the replacement service for the MA15 on the ATAC website.


The work on the Anagnina-Ottaviano section began in July last year, with an expected duration of 18 months, and was articulated with evening closures of the Metro A at 9 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, while on Fridays and Saturdays the normal closure at 1:30 a.m. was maintained.

ATAC points out in a note that these are "indispensable works that cannot be postponed, and that will lead to new tracks on the entire line, improving quality and regularity of service.  The Metro A renewal process will then be completed in 2024 with track replacement on the final section between Ottaviano and Battistini, which will be carried out thanks to Jubilee funds and will be completed in time for the Holy Year" of 2025.

The work in August, from the 11th to the 24th, is to be carried out on a fixed site because "work is being done on a portion of the tracks in a very critical position, in limited areas and spaces incompatible with the reopening of the metro every morning." The note explains that ATAC, will engage a specialized contractor and its technicians during the central vacation period to " condense the limitation of the service to the time when the demand for transport decreases significantly, in order to minimize inconvenience. In this way it , will also be possible to aim for the early conclusion of the work, in order to be able to enjoy the entire line with normal hours during the upcoming Christmas holidays. The ongoing work on Metro A is part of the wide-ranging transformation of transportation services in which ATAC has been engaged since 2022 and which is investing in, not only network infrastructure but also the fleet. More than a billion has already been earmarked until 2026 for the purchase of about a thousand new buses, with the aim of bringing the average age of the fleet to five years at the end of 2024, new streetcars, which is part of the extensive tramway renewal plan, and for improvements to network infrastructure. The ongoing track renewal on Metro A is part of the broader context of resuming maintenance work and also covering extraordinary, necessary and mandatory train maintenance. Working to renew an extremely complex infrastructure such as a metro line in operation requires expertise, experience and organizational skills: the commitment that ATAC is putting into it is full, all with the essential goal of returning a vastly improved service to the city."