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Via Nomentana, Trams return on route 90. And soon ALSO on line 60

Translated by V. Zelada.

Lo ha fatto sapere il Campidoglio

The Capitoline Councillor for Mobility Eugenio Patanè nnounced that after reactivating the Eur-Laurentina-Tor Pagnotta tram line 074 on June 13, BMB trams have also resumed running on route 90, which runs along Via Nomentana. For the Councellor, the gradual return of BMB trams on route 90 "is another step toward the complete resumption of the service, which includes the use of these vehicles also on some schedules of Line 60.

The use of the trams, which had been discontinued in June 2020, was made possible thanks to the joint work carried out by Atac and the Mobility Department, which, from the moment it took office, has impressed a strong acceleration considering the strategic importance of the service. In order to get all the vehicles back in operation, Atac put out a tender for a new 5-year full-service maintenance contract.

This activity allowed the company to resume trams service thanks to the first 15 vehicles that underwent pre-operation and subsequent testing with the competent ministerial bodies. The other 30 vehicles,"concludes Patanè, "will be tested in the coming weeks and gradually be put back into operation to effectively serve all three lines: 074, 60 and 90.