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Piazza Sant'Agostino, a new pedestrian island for the Jubilee

Translated by V. Zelada.

CSIMU project in collaboration with Superintendence and Diocese of Rome

The precious ensemble of the square is completed with the church's facade with a Florentine flavor, a Caravaggio of rare beauty inside and ; the Angelica Library, with an entrance right next to the basilica's steps.

Between Piazza Navona and Via della Scrofa, Piazza Sant'Agostino since last July 13, has been the new pedestrian island of the Center made with a redevelopment and enhancement intervention that, as a note from the Campidoglio explains, "is the heart of the project carried out in Piazza Sant'Agostino, an important place for the Jubilee that, starting on December 8, 2024, will be the destination of pilgrims who will come to visit Rome."

Inaugurating the square were Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, Public Works Councillor Ornella Segnalini, the head of the Rione V Ponte of the Special Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendency of Rome Alessandro Mascherucci, Public Works Councillor of the Municipio Roma I Centro Alessandra Sermoneta, Secretary of the Order of St. Augustine Pasquale Di Lernia and Prior of the Augustinian Community Domenico Giacomobello.
"The redevelopment project," the Campidoglio note explained, "was carried out by the CSIMU Department of Roma Capitale and is the result of a collaboration between the Special Superintendence and the Diocese of Rome, and cost about 100,000 euros. The area in front of the church, which houses The Madonna of the Pilgrims, one of Caravaggio's most representative works has, in fact, been pedestrianized, along with a section of the adjacent via dei Pianellari.

In particular, the works involved the placement of 31 columns and 4 travertine benches ; as well as the arrangement of the sanpietrini paving, covering an area of about 400 square meters, and the remaking of the signage. Also,the project is of particular importance a in view of the long process that has actually blocked the construction of the work for almost eight years. In fact, the first funding dates back to Jubilee 2015 when it was decided to pedestrianize the area, eliminating the parking lot in front of the church.
With the Gualtieri Junta, the project was funded and a solution was found and shared by all the parties involved (Capitol, Superintendence Diocese) , new funds were allocated and in April 2023 the work began, and completed last June. "It is wonderful" said Mayor Gualtieri, "to be able to return this square to its splendor and finally make it pedestrianized, with no more parked cars: congratulations to CSIMU and Councillor Segnalini, the I Municipio and the State Superintendency for this work. The project makes it possible to properly enhance one of the most important churches in Rome,
which contains works such as Caravaggio's Madonna dei Pellegrini and other masterpieces. It is very important, particularly in view of the Jubilee, to have been able to accelerate this intervention that has had complicated vicissitudes. Fundamental for us is the return of a space to the city, a space that nowhere in the world could be a parking lot. Let's say," Gualtieri concluded, "that we finished the first of the Jubilee interventions, and this gives us impetus and enthusiasm to move forward."

"This was a long-awaited intervention and is the result of a collaboration with the State Superintendency to make St. Augustine Square pedestrian friendly, eliminating a parking lot that did not give credit to so much beauty. CSIMU took up this challenge and now we have returned a beautiful and important place to the city, for the Romans and for the many pilgrims who will come with the opening of the Holy Year" commented Councillor Segnalini. “On behalf of Superintendent Porro we thank ; Mayor Gualtieri, Councillor Segnalini and CSIMU colleague Alessandro Zaghini" commented the head of the Special Superintendency, Mascherucci, "for this example of best practice that should also be used for the next challenges ahead. We are returning to civic use, a square that had become a parking lot, and I hope this collaboration will continue with the realization of the votive column and fountain that would complete the public use of the square and its return to tourists and Romans." 
"The realization of this project is an important example of collaboration. I thank Councillor Segnalini, with whom we work daily ; and architect Mascherucci, with whom we have other collaborations in the field. Finally, thanks to Mayor Gualtieri, who always supports us in these important initiatives for the city" added Councillor Sermoneta of City Hall I.