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Road works: resurfacing via di Malagrotta, Viale Parioli and Viale Pilsudski completed

Translated by V. Zelada.

The Capitoline Public Works Department has announced that, "60 days ahead of schedule, Anas (Gruppo FS Italiane) has completed the deep resurfacing of the road pavement in Via di Malagrotta (Aurelia height), Viale Parioli and Viale Pilsudski. The work, in compliance with the agreement with Roma Capitale, began on July 27. One month after the start of the worksites, 17.6 km of roads have been completely resurfaced, as planned for this phase of the scheduled interventions.

"Today, however; the worksites will start on Via di Casal Selce, from September 5 on Via Boccea, Via della Pisana and Via Casal del Marmo, and by the end of this week the resurfacing of Via di Malagrotta will start. Finally, by the end of 2022, worksites will be started on Via della Storta, Via di Ponte Galeria, Via di Casal Boccone, Via del Casale di San Basilio, Via di Tor Cervara, Via dei Quattro Venti and Via Flaminia.

"The collaboration between Roma Capitale and Anas is proving fruitful and the works carried out in record time over recent weeks prove it. Thus, the most extensive maintenance program of Rome's roads ever, is taking shape," commented Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri. "At this rate, within a short time a significant percentage of the main road system will be completely renewed. In addition; over the next two years, with the resources provided for in the municipal budget and with Jubilee funds, we will proceed with the deep resurfacing of 600 km of the main road network, the one that to date sees the greatest degree of traffic and accidentality."

"By the end of December, this new phase of works under the agreement with Anas will be closed. The execution of the work at night, leaving vehicular traffic free and in full safety in the morning, the subdivision of the construction sites into sections no longer than 500 meters and the excellent work of the companies chosen by Anas, have made this first result possible, ahead of schedule ", comments the Councillor for Public Works of Roma Capitale, Ornella Segnalini . Alongside these works, the CSIMU (Coordination of Infrastructure Development and Urban Maintenance) is carrying out an equally important program of extraordinary maintenance of major roads, with a 40 million euro investment for the biennium 2022-2023 and that will affect all 15 municipalities of Rome. "