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Scooter sharing, notice published

Translated by V. Zelada.

The Public Notice for the selection of three operators interested in electric scooter rental services has been published on the website of the Municipality of Rome." This is what the Campidoglio announces in a note.

"The notice implements what was defined in the guidelines approved in the Council last June 24.

Find some of the main changes from the past here below:

  • operators will decrease from the current 7 to 3, with a three-year concession and with vehicles that can be a maximum number of 3,000 in the central areas and then equally divided among the other municipalities;
  • companies wanting to operate in Rome-another novelty of the regulation-must have already carried out an authorized service in cities with a minimum of 750,000 inhabitants and at least 1,000 vehicles;
  • it will be up to the municipality to identify the new no-parking areas and where to set up the parking tolls

Additional provisions are:

  • metal license plate on vehicles with the addition of Qr code that allows their immediate identification through electronic devices;
  • maximum speed of 20km/h that automatically becomes 6km/h in pedestrian areas;
  • rentals for adults only;
  • registration requirement with ID card.

Automated monitoring of vehicle location will be carried out hourly through the Roma Capitale's application platform. In case of infractions, the rental companies risk from suspension to revocation of the authorization."

"Each operator will be able to obtain the authorization, against a fee to be paid to Roma Capitale varying between 1 and 4 euros per month for each vehicle, for a number of vehicles between a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 3,000.

The territorial extension of the service increases with a minimum area of 95 square kilometers total extended to 5 Pgtu areas between the Aurelian Walls, the railway ring, the green zone, the Gra, Ostia and Acilia. Among the requirements for the victory of the tender there is also what concerns the operation of the service related to the metro lines and the stations.

Finally, the maintenance system, the control and redistribution of the fleet, the customer contact system, environmental sustainability, the possibility of offering season tickets, concessions for public transport users, and discounts for systematic travel will also be evaluated for the allocation of the rental."

"With the new tender for the entrusting of the electric scooter service, Rome will move from the chaos of a situation without planning to an orderly regulation, attentive to the needs of citizens and common decency. The new regulation brings back this short-range means of transportation to be better distributed throughout the territory, limiting its abuse and ensuring correct behavior in both speed and parking options. It is another piece in our strategy to guarantee the Capital the modern, sustainable and rational mobility model we are working on with great commitment," explained Mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

"We are putting order where there was none," added Mobility Councillor Eugenio Patanè, "through an announcement that implements what the guidelines of the new Regulations provide. We concretely regulate an area that is very much felt by citizens. We have a duty to enhance the use of vehicles in sustainable mode, using them where they are needed, for the stretch of the so-called "last mile" or "first mile," that is, in the home/first stop public transport and from public transport/work-university-school. We also need to prevent them from being parked everywhere. This notice just points in reducing the number of operators, imposing stricter constraints to protect urban decorum and safety, and redistributing scooters throughout the city and not just in the historic center."