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Scooters in service sharing, new regulations. Gualtieri: "A new leaf is turned."

Translated by V. Zelada.

Patanè (Mobility): "Service extended to all municipalities. For Metrebus subscribers discounts on rentals." A revamped service and new regulations for shared-mode scooters (sharing) kicked off on Sept. 1. The service is now run by three operators who won the Roma Capitale tender. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri emphasizes in a Facebook post that "on sharing scooters, a new page is turned."

"The new service and the new regulations," the Mayor of Rome explains, "will make this electric micromobility service significantly better, safer, and more widespread. Among the main novelties is the reduction in the number of vehicles and a better distribution in all the municipalities of Rome and not only in the center. Here, in fact, in the LTZ (Limited Traffic Zone) of Tridente, there will be a maximum of 90 scooters, 30 for each of the 3 operators who won the tender; in the LTZ’s historic center there will be 900 vehicles ; that is, 300 per operator."

"The service will also be extended to the outlying areas, with stalls near the interchanges with public transport. No more wild parking either," the Mayor continues, "these vehicles will only be allowed to park in the authorized spaces.

The rental will be deemed completed only if it is done in the designated areas, or you will continue to pay; while if the vehicle is abandoned in dangerous spots, creating degradation and obstruction, a fine will be imposed.

Also coming is the requirement of a license plate to facilitate checks, reduction of the maximum speed to 20km/h (6 in pedestrian areas), and only registered adults with ID will be able to access the rental. For Metrebus subscribers there will be a reduction on the rental price. With these new provisions," Gualtieri concludes, "we want to bring order to a previous situation that had no clear rules or planning: another important step for the decorum of the Capital.  

Also coming into effect, explains Capitoline Councillor for Mobility Eugenio Patanè in a note, "the new regulations with which we guarantee clear rules that favor the service throughout the city and no longer only in the center but also in all the peripheral areas ; and limit abuses in use, speed and parking possibilities. At the same time, the new regulations allow us to give these vehicles a real transportation function, which must be the last mile, extending the service in a capillary manner over all municipalities."

"These are the main changes: in the Tridente LTZ there will be a maximum of 90 scooters, 30 per operator; in the historic center’s LTZ: 900 vehicles, 300 per operator (excluding trident ztl); in the Trastevere LTZ, 70 scooters per operator. The service will also be extended to outlying areas with stalls near public transport interchanges. Parking will be allowed only in the authorized parking spaces and in use by the companies entrusted with the service. Renting, thanks to automated control by the companies, will be considered concluded only if it is done in the authorized area, and if the vehicle is abandoned in places that create danger, degradation and traffic obstruction, there will be a fine. Regarding the tariff, Metrebus subscribers will be entitled to a discounted rental price."