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Tiburtina Station square, restyling unveiled

Translated by V. Zelada.

Only the street furniture is missing.

Stop the decay, planting of new trees and a complete restyling. These are the objectives of the redevelopment work carried out by CSIMU on the Tiburtina Station square and presented by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri and Councillors for Mobility and Public Works, Eugenio Patanè and Ornella Segnalini. The system of public road and rail mobility has been rationalized so as to place greater emphasis on the quality of public space and the system of pedestrian connections.

With the installation of the Gualtieri council group, the initial intervention of the West Square was harmonized with the provisions of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PUMS), which was approved during the work.
A large pedestrian area has been created, in which new holm oaks have been planted, and the large parking lot for private cars planned in the original project along via Guido Mazzoni; the widening of the sidewalks to 4 metres, on the side of the existing buildings, with the planting of appropriately sized field maples; the construction of the bike path that connects to the one being built by Mobility, with a view to enhancing sustainable mobility; the planting of about 100 new trees including ; holm oaks, plane trees, jacarandas, paulonias and more than 700 shrubs including broom, punica granatum and myrtle.

The project regarding street furniture and a further increase in greenery to be placed in the Piazzale in front of the station will also be carried out shortly. "This is the first piece of the Jubilee works" said Gualtieri, according to whom Tiburtina station is "one of the most important nodes in Italy, which required redevelopment and regeneration work. It is a project that we inherited and completed, corrected and improved; increasing pedestrian, cycling and green spaces. For us, intermodality is crucial; it is a key to improving the accessibility of the city. Urban spaces must be beautiful, accessible and inclusive." 
"It is a major intervention," Segnalini explained, "all that is missing is street furniture, basins that will contain trees, and we are thinking about a fountain. The intervention started in 2019 and has a cost of ten million: a great arrangement also for the purposes of the Jubilee."

"We modified the project of the previous capitoline council group, because some elements did not convince us" Patané added, "such as the cabs being far from the station. Now, Tiburtina will become even more of a transportation hub because the Verano-Tiburtina tram will arrive, connecting the station to the city's tram network".