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Work on the underpass of the Lungotevere in Sassia: restyling started

Translated by V. Zelada.

Nighttime construction site, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.


A complete restyling focused on increasing safety and decorum, supporting the viability, and using innovative materials will affect the underpass of Lungotevere in Sassia, near Castel Sant'Angelo, from March 20 to 29. The Csimu Department will, in fact, conduct a routine maintenance operation that will engage teams at night, to minimize disruption to traffic, with the aim of returning the fully upgraded tunnel to the city in view of Easter and the upcoming Jubilee. Instead, Ama will be in charge of the deep cleaning of the section, which will be carried out at the start of the work.

"The construction site that will begin this evening is a forerunner to the next works that will affect Piazza Pia. The tunnel is covered by two centimeters of smog and needs a cleaning operation that will result in a real safety upgrade to which will be associated LED signage and the installation of protective devices in case of an accident. It is a restyling that Romans have been waiting for 10 years and will be completed within ten days. In view of the Jubilee, with Mayor Gualtieri, we are accelerating on all projects to make our streets, above all, safer " comments Roma Capitale Public Works Councillor Ornella Segnalini.

The work will last a total of 10 days from March 20-29 and will be carried out mainly at night, that is, from 9 p.m. with reopening to traffic at 6 a.m. the following day.


  • from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. on days 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24, to give the least possible impact to city traffic;
  • total closure for 48 hours on the weekend of the 25th and 26th. The total closure is dictated by the type of work to be done (concrete works that require unavoidable drying time and unwalkable materials). In addition, the choice fell on the weekend with Green Sunday;
  • An additional night closure is possible, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., to define the last works on the days 27 and 28;
  • The tunnel will definitely reopen at 6 a.m. on Monday, March 29 fully upgraded, safe and clean.

The intervention as a whole includes: the resurfacing of the deteriorated asphalt and water drainage grates currently lower than the road level; LED illuminated signage; the installation of a shock attenuator, i.e., a special safety device at the cusp in the junction between the two tunnels; the hydro-washing cleaning of all the walls, both of those in travertine and those in reinforced concrete; along the sidewalks, special luminous delineators will be placed that will allow those who drive through the tunnel to have better visibility. Innovative materials capable of optimizing the adherence of cars to the pavement will be used for all the work, and a special’ pearled’ paint will be used for the paintwork, capable of greatly increasing light refraction and signaling the lanes more visibly.

Countdown to the start of work on the Piazza Pia Underpass, which will allow the pedestrian reunification of Castel Sant'Angelo with Via della Conciliazione, one of the most challenging works planned for the Jubilee 2025 interventions. The Gualtieri Council, at the proposal of Public Works Councillor Ornella Segnalini, approved this afternoon an important measure that kicks off the new season of works that will lead to the complete pedestrian redevelopment of the square and the construction of the underpass.

The measure approved is an outline of an agreement that, thanks to the funding of 70 million euros in Jubilee funds, will allow Roma Capitale to use Anas as the Central Contracting Authority for the implementation of the most anticipated Jubilee intervention. These works will modify the space in front of Via della Conciliazione from the point of view of mobility and urban landscape, allowing Romans and tourists to enjoy a place that is currently separated by a very heavy traffic junction.

Starting with the signing of the Convention, Anas will prepare the technical-economic feasibility project, which will be submitted to the Services Conference and subsequent approval by the Capitoline Council.

"We are accelerating on all the dossiers related to the Jubilee works," Mayor Roberto Gualtieri stressed. "Together with the government," he continued, "we will be able to get the first construction sites started by June in Piazza Pia, between Castel Sant'Angelo and Via della Conciliazione, also by resorting to the already fruitful collaboration with Anas, which is working on the resurfacing of part of the city's main road system. And we will also go fast with the other squares contemplated in the first Jubilee Dpcm, starting with Piazza dei Cinquecento at Termini. Thanks to legislative interventions and the strong commitment of the entire Capitoline structure," he concluded, "we are simplifying the bidding procedures to ensure that the schedule is met.

"With the approval of the Convention we are taking the first step from the implementation point of view of an important work for the city. This will enable us to proceed expeditiously with the implementation of the Piazza Pia works. Soon the Services Conference will be convened by the Csimu that will close in 30 days and then we will start the works as soon as possible, in fact,  we have already completed the surveys and started the design," comments the Public Works Councillor Ornella Segnalini.