Via Prenestina bike lane ready: 6 km of track completed

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The bike lane along Via Prenestina is ready. In recent days, it has become possible to ride along the bike lane for about 6 km from Piazza di Porta Maggiore to the intersection with Viale Palmiro Togliatti (where the new lane connects the tram ring to the existing section). It is a reserved bike lane in one direction only, indicated by road markings. No physical separation (such as kerbs or walls) separates cyclists from the flow of traffic. The barrier, along most of the route, is provided by cars parked on specially designed parking bays to protect the route and maintain the supply of legal parking in the area. As on other bike lanes in the city, there is a neutral zone of 50 cm between the reserved lane and the parked vehicles, known in technical jargon as the "franco", which protects cyclists from the sudden opening of car doors. The project also addressed the issue of coexistence with public transport. The bus stops along the route have been re-designed with new, highly visible yellow zigzag signs. When the bike lane is close to the bus stop area, it is interrupted by an end-of-path sign. The project has also provided chutes for people with disabilities with dedicated pedestrian crossings for each reserved parking space

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