European Mobility Week, events until the 22 nd

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Live Facebook streams with experts. The dialogue between citizens and experts on the main
topics of the 2020 edition of the European Mobility Week, which is scheduled until 22 nd
September. Monday and Tuesday, from 3 pm, a double live Facebook stream organized by
Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. Specifically, the focus on Monday will be on preferential traffic
lights for public transport and making traffic flow more fluid. Both are aimed at reducing
travel times by acting on traffic light settings. The system of preferential traffic lights for
public transport, knowing the position of the vehicle, notifies the traffic light management
system of the time needed for it to arrive at the lights and will try to ensure that the
vehicle (bus or tram) encounters a green light, or reduce the duration of the red light to as
little as possible. The system for making traffic flow more fluid is implemented by regulating
the times of each traffic light signal on each main road and generating a “green wave” so that
most vehicles will encounter green lights. The roads involved, among other, are the Colombo,
Laurentina, Appia, Tuscolana, Casilina, Prenestina, Tiburtina, Salaria, Corso Francia, viale
Marconi, viale Regina Margherita, Ostiense, viale Trastevere and all of the Lungotevere.
Tuesday’s live stream will focus on the new taxi app being worked on by the mobility agency.
Available in both Italian and English, the aim is to facilitate the meeting between demand and
offer for taxis as much as possible. The app will localise the place the request is being made
from and forward this information to the taxi driver (who will download their own version of
the app, after giving their consent to being localised and contacted). The various options
available include booking a taxi ride for the following day and electronic payment. There will
also be technological developments for those who call taxis using the 060609 call-line, which
will enable anyone calling a taxi to contact the nearest car park merely by indicating the
location of the call, such as a public office, shop or restaurant. While awaiting the release of
the new application, more than 100 taxi drivers are involved in experimenting the various
functions. You can participate in the live webcasts on Monday and Tuesday by sending
questions and observations to the e-mail The more
interesting of these will be posted live on the Roma Mobilità Facebook page. Taxiweb is a
digital platform for dealing with administrative procedures concerning taxi licences and car
and driver hires in Rome directly from home. As an alternative until the end of October,
appointments can be made at the office in piazzale degli Archivi, 40, EUR, open form Monday
to Friday. It should also be recalled that, again as part of the European Mobility Week, those
who register for the public car sharing service managed by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità until
Tuesday will be entitled to a 20 Euro bonus on future vehicle hires.


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