Più ricicli più viaggi: in metro tornano le “mangiaplastica”

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Più ricicli più viaggi: “plastic disposers” return to metro stations

The initiative to recycle PET and accumulate points on tickets has started again. Anagnina and Cipro: in these two A line metro stations, the compactors for recycling plastic bottles are once again in operation, this being the focal point of the Atac initiative “+Ricicli + Viaggi”, which was suspended on 13 March last and in eight months had seen three million bottles recycled. Initially, only the A line of the Metro will be involved, with the “plastic disposers” in the B line stations of Laurentina and Basilica San Paolo being reactivated on 28 September. The B line station at Termini and the C line station at Malatesta will follow on 5 October. Lastly, the compacters at the B line station at Piramide and C line station at San Giovanni will be operational again from 12 October. The compactors that entering service this month, September, are installed by Coripet and are bigger, capable of containing up to 1,800 items per machine. However, a daily limit of 30 bottles each has been imposed, which is aimed at simplifying operation and avoiding long queues. For each PET bottle inserted into the machine, passengers using the B+ service will receive a bonus of five cents, which is paid into the virtual wallet in the app. There is no limit on the number of points that passengers can accumulate and they can be use directly for purchasing one or more tickets for sale on the B+ app (100 minute, 24, 48 and 72 hour tickets and monthly subscriptions), 5 minutes after they are conferred. Thanks to the commitment of MyCicero, TabNet Tabaccaio in Rete and TicketAppy within the project, 3,200,000 bonuses have currently been paid out. But where do the bottles go? Those recycled in the stations are already being recycled and some of them are already new bottles, assures Coripet, the PET Recycling Consortium that is a partner in the project.

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