Public Transport coordination in the Capital between Region and Municipality

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A coordination system between Region and Municipality is necessary for an adequate use of funds and an efficient public transport offer, in an effort to harmonize documents concerning mobility and make the institutional governance system more efficient, as well as an intervention on industrial dwarfism and directional dispersion, with the creation of economies of density and scale".

These are the ideas of the unions of the transport of Rome and Lazio who have also drawn up a study of the sector that shows how the value of the unit cost per seat-kilometer falls from about 0.43 euros for small businesses to 0.38 for those of large dimensions". According to the study, "there is also a need for a dynamic Transport Observatory of the Lazio Region on air transport, ports, goods and logistics, collective public transport and road conditions. On the subject of ecological transition and sustainability "we believe it is important - the study offices of the unions point out - to set up a territorial rebalancing between the Centre and the periphery and an improvement in the management of peak hours, actions also aimed at making Rome a city of proximity. You can also generate real environmental benefits through the "care of the iron" in terms of network, frequencies and speed and through a reorganization resulting from the fact that in Rome the share 'rubber' of the Tpl absorbs 45.7 percent of seats offered, while the share of supply of streetcar and metro is inadequate".

According to the regional alderman to the Transports Alessandri "there are some limits, inefficiencies and obsolescence of the system which, however, are not inextinguishable condemnations, but rather knots that remain to be attacked in order to be able to say that they have been seriously addressed".”

According to the Capitoline Councillor for Transport, Patanè "by the end of March Roma Capitale expects to propose to the Court of Auditors the solution for the maxi-contentious relating to Roma Metropolitane. I'm dedicating myself day and night to solve this matter, especially in relation to the C metro, which has a lot of problems  as well as  the B and D Metro".