Road safety, the Council approves measures worth 4 million euros

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The Capitoline Council has given the green light for a resolution that marks an initial allocation of 4 million euros for safety measures on the roads most at risk.

"The social cost of accidents on our roads - explains the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, “ is an unbearable burden in terms of deaths and injuries. Road safety for pedestrians, motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists is the primary objective of the interventions we have put in place. The scientific methods used to identify the critical points present on our present public transport offerings , with a view to targeted and priority interventions, the possibility of assessing precisely which is the best mode of intervention in individual situations Road safety, combined with a comprehensive and efficient public transport system, makes a city truly sustainable and improves people's quality of life.”

According to accident data collected by the Roma Servizi per la Mobilità monitoring centre, there are thousands of road intersections where accidents occur, ranging from rear-end collisions to fatal accidents. On the basis of a number of parameters, starting with the social cost of the accident, the number of accidents and the traffic flow in the areas examined; 70 'black spots' have been identified: these are very dangerous traffic junctions on which urgent work is needed and will be completed by 2023.

On the basis of these assumptions, the resolution provides for an initial allocation of four million euros to secure the road sections and intersections at greatest risk.

A framework agreement that provides for interventions with solutions according to specific cases, among them better definition of trajectories, speed control and reduction; light infrastructural reconfiguration, such as re-profiling of verges and kerbs, securing spaces and pedestrian routes;

heavy infrastructural reconfiguration of the intersection with the construction of subways, roundabouts and ramps; revision of traffic regulations and use of technological solutions, e.g. to control red lights and speed limits.

The process for the construction of the first two lots, for a total of eight interventions on as many dangerous road intersections, has already begun. The projects for the first four interventions have been identified:

  • via Cristoforo Colombo-via del Canale della Lingua (redevelopment and widening of the intersection area and adaptation of road signs);
  • via Cardinal Pacca-via del Casale di San Pio V (redevelopment and reorganisation of pedestrian, parking and driveway areas and adaptation of signage);
  • via Nomentana-via del Casale di San Basilio (reorganisation of the flow of traffic at the crossroads and adaptation of road signs);
  • via Nomentana-via Spallanzani (creation of pedestrian protection islands, closure of the via Nomentana-via Zara crossing and reorganisation of signage).


The other four interventions on which safety operations are being defined are:

  • via Cristoforo Colombo-piazzale venticinque Marzo 1957;
  • via Cristoforo Colombo-via Pindaro-via Wolf Ferrari;
  • via Cristoforo Colombo-via Federici-via Padre Semeria;
  • via Cristoforo Colombo-piazzale dell'Agricoltura.

"Working on the issue of road safety - said the Councillor for Mobility Eugenio Patanè – “ is a moral duty before institutional. Saving even one life from the carnage we are unfortunately forced to witness on a daily basis would already be a success. For this reason, road safety is one of the most important points in our programme for city mobility, and we have decided to take urgent action to make the most dangerous parts of the road safe. The measures presented today are only a first step in the enormous amount of work we are called upon to carry out in the field of road safety: to save lives and achieve the goal, which may seem utopian today, of so-called 'Vision Zero', i.e. zero deaths and injuries on our roads due to accidents".

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