Road safety: flexible shock absorbers for cities coming

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Goodbye dangerous road cusps. Roma Servizi per la Mobilità has replaced many of the traditional old and unsafe 'flashing shield' structures. The new, much safer LED bollards have been installed in their place. Instead, are the newer, safer LED bollards, which have been installed at junctions and crossroads. 160 of them, illuminated by the latest generation of devices, are now located at traffic lights and other crucial points in the city.


The new structures, which are safer for road users, have been installed in Via Aurelia, Piazzale dell'Umanesimo and Via Salaria. Also, installed on the important roads of corso Italia/piazzale Brasile; via di Priscilla/piazza Vescovio; via di Tor Tre Teste/via Walter Tobagi/via Viscogliosi; via di Boccea/via di Torrevecchia and via di Boccea/via Mattia Battistini.


The bollards are made of plastic and are 90 centimetres high and are topped by a sign indicating the required direction. The shaft of the structure is lit by a lamp with 3 LED lights embedded in the ground, inside and at the base of the column itself. The field use of the new signs has already shown a number of positive aspects in terms of safety. The column, fully illuminated throughout its height, is clearly visible even at night. The flexibility of the system means that it is better able to withstand shocks if it is hit by a vehicle, motorbike or bicycle, as well as being more resistant and durable. The position of the lamp makes damage to the lamp, which is embedded in the ground and inside the column itself, much rarer. For immediate replacement, the post can be mounted on a removable base fixed to the ground.



ISO 9001