With Roma Capitale's Car Sharing, 70% discounted rides to reach the 40 vaccination hubs

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To the vaccination centre with a Car Sharing Roma car.

No stress and 70 per cent discount on vehicle rental. The promotion reserved for customers to go for the Covid-19 vaccine is expanding, for those who use one of the Car Sharing Roma cars, the shared car service managed for the Campidoglio by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, g.

The promotion is valid every day of the week, 24 hours a day: a 70% discount is applied immediately, on the invoice at the end of the trip.
Here's how to use the discount. When you book through the dedicated app or the romamobilita.it website, you must choose the departure and arrival car park with the date and time of pick-up and drop-off. Among the promotions, select the "Vaccination COVID-19";
one. At the end of the journey, the system will automatically apply the 70 per cent discounted rate.

For the Fiumicino Vaccination Hub, a maximum rental of 5 hours is allowed; a minimum stop of 15 minutes; maximum 120 km travel distance.

For the vaccination centres in Rome, the maximum rental is 3 hours; the minimum stop is always 15 minutes; the maximum distance covered is 50 kilometres.

When he has to travel by car, Mr Antonio chooses those of the municipal car sharing scheme. And he has also done so to reach the vaccination centre in Fiumicino. "I booked in good time, given the type of appointment, and I got along well. What I like about this service is the convenience of renting for a few hours. And also the possibility of being able to take the car back to the same place of departure, as you do with your own vehicle. That car can be returned safely to the same departure space so long as other people have left it free to do so!”

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