Rome East, new bus network from 28 September

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Nasce la linea 045 Ortona de'Marsi-Grotte Celoni

New bus network in the Rome East quadrant from Monday 28 September. The reorganization of the network in the districts between via Collatina, via Casilina, via Prenestina and via Polense, outside the Rome ring road. This will be the debut of the 045 route which is intended to enhance the connections with the C-line underground and the FL2 regional railway. The following bus services will be involved in the reorganization: 042, 042P, 075, 107, 113, 501, 508 and 555. The reorganization will provide:

- a faster connection with the stations on the C-line underground and the FL2 Rome-Tivoli railway in the districts of Ponte Di Nona, Corcolle, Castelverde, Villaggio Prenestino, Colle del Sole, Pratolungo Casilino and Rocca Cencia;

- an increase in the number of connections to the main local attractions and between districts;- a direct connection between Corcolle and the C-line underground;

- the new 045 bus service between Castelverde, Lunghezza, Borghesiana and Grotte Celoni.- the rerouting of the 042, 107, 508 and 555 bus services;

- an increase in the number of buses on the 075, 113 and 508 services.


- 042 service Mondavio-Cerquete to make the connection between Corcolle and the FL2 station of Lunghezza quicker, the route will no longer include via Ortona de’ Marsi/largo Montenerodomo. The area will be served by the new 045 bus service, which will stop at the FL railway station of Lunghezza and the C-line underground stations of Borghesiana and Grotte Celoni.

- 042 service San Vittorino-Cerquete extended to enhance the connection between San Vittorino and the FL2 railway, buses will no longer stop in Piazza Mondavio, but will continue directly along vie delle Cerquete. In the Castelverde area, buses will continue on via Massa San Giuliano and will not go down via Ortona de’ Marsi/largo Montenerodomo. The 042 service will cross piazza Mondavio and via Ripatransone in both directions, following the same route as the school bus services, which will be discontinued.

- 045 service Ortona de' Marsi-Grotte Celoni This is a new service created to give the areas of Ortona de’ Marsi, Castelverde, Villaggio Prenestino and Borghesiana a new direct rail connection to the FL2 railway station oif Lunghezza and the C-line underground stations of Borghesiana and Grotte Celoni. The route has also been designed to enhance connections between the districts between Collatina and Casilina. The route follows via Ortona de’ Marsi, via di Massa San Giuliano, via del Casalone, via di Lunghezza, Lunghezza FL2 railway station, via del Fosso dell’Osa, via Prenestina, via Polense, via Prenestina, via della Borghesiana, Borghesiana C-line underground station, via Casili and Grotte Celoni C-line underground station. The route will operate daily; first and last departures from each terminus 5:30- 0:10.- 075 service Ponte Mammolo-Tonino Bello The route remains unchanged, but the first departure from via Tonino Bello has been brought forward to 4:45 to enable connections to the first departures of the B-line underground from the interchange point at Ponte Mammolo.

- 107 service Grotte Celoni-Mondavio The route has been redesigned to connect the district of Corcolle to the C-line of the underground for the first time. From Grotte Celoni station to via Casilina, intersection with via di Rocca Cencia, the route follows the original one, and then goes down via di Rocca Cencia, stopping outside the C-line underground station at Finocchio, via Polense and via Sant’Elpidio a Mare, reaching the new terminus in piazza Mondavio in the Corcolle district, which will thus have a new connection to the C-line underground stations of Finocchio and Grotte Celoni. Via Casilina between via di Rocca Cencia and Pantano is served by the ’55 and 555 buses and the C-line underground.

- 113 service largo Preneste (circular) The circular line has been enhanced to replace the 501 bus service; the 113 service operates at peak times on working days.

- 501 service largo Preneste - Rocca Cencia/Ama facility The service has been discontinued and replaced by the changes and enhancements to the 508 service and the enhancement of the 113 service.

- 508 service Ponte Mammolo-Mondavio The service has been enhanced by increasing the number of departures and the route has been extended to the district of Colle del Sole along via Modolo, via Orotelli and via Ollolai to replace the 501 service and connect the area to the B-line underground. The 508 service will also provide a connection to the Istituto Sereni school. On school days, some of the buses will stop in front of the school. Some of the school routes will connect largo Preneste directly to the school and vice versa.

- 555 service Ponte di Nona-Pantano The 555 service has been modified and rerouted to increase connections with the districts of Rocca Cencia, Pratolungo Casilino and Colle del Sole with a rail network with a dual connection with the FL2 railway station of Ponte di Nona and the C-line underground stations of Finocchio, Graniti and Pantano. The rerouting of the 555 service will also provide more access to the shopping facilities at Porta di Nona and the extra-urban services in the Prenestina and Casilina areas. The 555 service follows the existing route from Ponte di Nona station to via Prenestina, intersection with via della Borghesiana, and then goes through Colle del Sole (via Modolo, via Orotelli and via Ollolai), via Prenestina, Pratolungo Casilino (via Lago Reggillo, via Bottidda and via Ballao) and via di Rocca Cencia.

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