Shopping without car stress using the Travel Vouchers Rome

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Over 15,000 members, the majority of whom are women. And in the last two weeks, more than 800 vouchers have been requested per day on weekdays and more than 400 on public holidays. The numbers of "Rome Travel Vouchers", the facility that allows a 50% discount on the cost of a single journey up to a maximum of 20 euros, are growing. From 6 October to 6 December, 23,505 vouchers have been redeemed, the total number of passengers registered for the service is 15,233, and 2694 drivers have so far signed up to this initiative (out of a total of 7,576 taxi licences operating in the capital and 943 Nccs operating in Rome). The value of the vouchers used is over 4 thousand euros per day with peaks of over 6 thousand euros. From 6 October to 22 November, 14,739 vouchers were redeemed for a value of over 160,000 euros. As of 22 November, 11,058 women, 131 people with disabilities and 1,156 men over 65 had signed up for the service. Now, the Christmas transport plan expands the number of people who will be able to use the service, at least until 31 December: in addition to women aged 18 and over and adults with disabilities who do not benefit from other services already provided by the Municipality of Rome, men aged 18 to 26 and men over 60 will also be able to apply for and use the 'Rome Travel Vouchers' (previously only men over 65 were allowed to use the service). In the meantime, a new promotion and communication campaign for 'Buoni viaggio Roma' has been launched. It will also be visible in the same taxi ranks from Piazza Barberini to Piazza San Pantaleo, from Viale Marconi to Colli Albani, from Piazza delle Cinque Lune to Piazza della Stazione Lido centro.

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