#StradeNuove, 800 km by June

#StradeNuove, the urban redevelopment program launched by the Capitol, proceeds with pace. By June there will be 800 km of redone roads in the city. The Councillor for Public Works and Infrastructure Linda Meleo, comments on Facebook about the balance of the activities carried out or nearing completion . "With the maintenance plan #StradeNuove, “ she said, “ we are upgrading the main infrastructure of the city. In particular, on the roads with greatest viability, managed centrally, ie those where there is a concentration of about 70% of vehicular passages. A great job has been done to restart the administrative machine, which was in fact stopped on our arrival, without continuous contracts for routine maintenance and with zero euro allocated in the budget for extraordinary maintenance". As a result, for the Councillor, hundreds of kilometers of roads were paved. "By June they will reach almost 800 km. Among these, I remember the works on the Via del Mare or Via Ostiense, Via Aurelia, Via di Tor Sapienza or Via Borghesiana whose works are in progress, but also the complete maintenance of the Giovanni XXIII Tunnel, an intervention that has been necessary for too many years, and bridges and viaducts such as Tor di Quinto or Via della Magliana. Not forgetting the activities included in the Sanpietrini Plan, such as the construction sites in the final phase of Piazza Venezia and Via IV Novembre". The news of the new worksites opening in the 8th Municipality, such as the one in Via di Tor Carbone, the artery connecting Fonte Meravigliosa and Capannelle, has just been announced. It started with the vegetation on the sides of the roadway and controls on drains and manholes to prevent flooding during rains. In the coming days, the asphalt and signage will be upgraded. ù
"We have set everything in motion, “ said the Councillor, “ with a framework agreement for ordinary road maintenance for over 110 million euros in two years and many extraordinary maintenance operations which; alongside serious control activities and monitoring roads, has allowed us to properly restart the maintenance cycle. All this,”  she concluded, “ has been supported by large investments of resources that, since 2016, have gradually increased reaching the total figure so far of over 400 million euros".