Taxi and ncc travel , voucher registration launched

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Taxi and ncc travel vouchers, registration launched

Non-scheduled public transport, starting today on registration is open for users who wish to use Roma CapitaIe's "Travel Vouchers".The taxi fares and rental with driver can be reduced of 50% for women over 18, men over 65 and people with disabilities over 18 who do not benefit from the services already provided by the Municipality. Information and preliminary procedures. Beneficiaries must be residents of Rome and register on the page using SPID, CIE or CNS credentials. The cost of the trip, to be paid exclusively by debit or credit card, will be reduced by 50 per cent with a maximum discount of 20 euros per trip and a monthly ceiling of 400 euros for each user registered on the page of the Roma Servizi per la Mobilità which is dedicated to the initiative. The Capitol Hill, through a note, said that the initiative was arranged and financed at the national level by the Decreto Rilancio and the Decreto Sostegni. Taxi and coach drivers who wish to join the initiative, making themselves available to accept travel vouchers as a method of payment. If they are still not, they must register on: Here is a detailed description of how Travel Vouchers work. At the end of each trip, taxi operators / Ncc must validate the voucher through these simple steps: 

• enter the amount of the race on the dedicated site, which automatically calculates the discount, 

• collect the payment, by credit card or debit card, 

• upload, again on the site (within 48 hours after the end of the race), the image of the receipt of payment of the fee charged to the user. 

Each user may use up to 2 vouchers per day.


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