Termini-Giardinetti-Tor Vergata railway: central in the PUMS

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The Termini-Giardinetti-Tor Vergata line project is one of the cornerstones of Rome's Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (PUMS). The project, for which the Ministry of Infrastructure has approved funding of more than 213 million euros, calls for the current regional railway line to be converted into a high-speed tramway and upgraded and extended on one side towards Termini and on the other towards Tor Vergata. Roma Capitale has already made a proposal to the Lazio region for an agreement to transform this infrastructure once the transfer of ownership is complete.

The aim is for it to become the new G line, an important direct and fast connection for a vast area of the city. “This is why,” writes Deputy Mayor in charge of mobility Pietro Calabrese in a Facebook post, "the Lazio region should explain to the Romans why it has not yet responded, since November last year, to our notes on the cooperation agreement for the transfer of the Roma-Giardinetti railway, also in light of the numerous formal and informal reminders from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility".

“In November," Calabrese explains, "we sent the Lazio Region the proposed agreement for the transformation of the Roma-Giardinetti into a high-speed tramway, following the transfer of the line to Roma Capitale, in order to release the 213 million euros held up by the Ministry. Our administration presented a precise, detailed and funded project. Now the Region is asking us for new phantom documents. Instead, they should explain to us what they are waiting for to respond to our notes and to reactivate, in the meantime, the Centocelle-Giardinetti section, which will remain their sole responsibilty until the start of the works".