Trains between Ostiense and Fiumicino stopped on 19-21 August, due to Trenitalia works

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From Friday, Aug. 19 to Sunday, Aug. 21, train circulation will be suspended between Rome Ostiense and Fiumicino Aeroporto stations due to scheduled maintenance work.

This was announced by Trenitalia. In detail, on those three days, High Speed trains will be cancelled in the section between Roma Termini and Fiumicino Airport; trains of the Leonardo Express, a fast connection between Roma Termini and Fiumicino Airport, will be cancelled and replaced by a bus service that will always cover the Termini-Fiumicino Airport route and vice versa with a non-stop connection, so without intermediate stops. Finally, regional trains on the Orte-Roma Tiburtina-Fiumicino Airport line will be limited to Roma Ostiense, with bus service between Ostiense and Fiumicino Airport and vice versa.

In addition: the RM230 bus departing from Fara Sabina at 9:35 a.m. and arriving in Orte at 10:55 a.m. will be replaced by the RM23F Fara Sabina 10:35-Orte 11:55 a.m. bus; the RM220 bus departing from Roma Ostiense ten minutes after midnight and arriving in Poggio Mirteto at 1:30 a.m. will be replaced by the RM89F Fiumicino Aeroporto 23:27-Poggio Mirteto 2:13 a.m. bus. The replacement buses, which will take the place of trains during the three days of work and on the affected routes, will be 50-seat Gran Turismo type. The buses will stop in the yards in front of the stations, with some exceptions. Among these, at Fiumicino airport, the stop will be at via Generale Felice Santini height parking lot D; at Parco Leonardo, at via Romano height station; at Fiera di Roma, at via Roselli height FS station; at Ponte Galeria, at via Portuense ATAC/COTRAL stop; Muratella, ATAC stop on via della Magliana; Magliana, ATAC Magliana station stop on via della Magliana; Roma Tiburtina, stop on the Nomentana ring road at metro exit height; Roma Tuscolana, ATAC stop on Via Monselice; Roma Termini, at Piazza dei Cinquecento at line 50 bus stop; Roma Nomentana, COTRAL stop on Piazza Addis Abeba; Fidene, correspondence with ATAC stop at FS station height on Via Incisa Val d'Arno; Settebagni, ATAC/COTRAL stop at Via Salaria, near the FS station junction.

More details, including bus stops that will take the place of trains, are on in the "regional" section.