Tram 2on tracks from 18 December. Metro B, Policlinico reopens by Christmas

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Tram line 2 will run again from Saturday 18 December. After the anticipations of recent days, the Capitol Hill has confirmed it. As regard to the tram network, the construction site to repair the tracks in Piazzale del Verano continues. Therefore tram lines 3 and 19, will be travelling by bus between Porta Maggiore and the terminuses of Valle Giulia and Risorgimento. Last Friday, the night-time paving work on the tram lanes along Viale Trastevere was completed. However on Saturday, the needle of exchange was replaced in Via Induno, near which, recalled the Councillor for Transport, Eugenio Patanè, " In recent weeks several shifts have been identified on the tram 3 tracks. In addition to the task force we set up, which is working on cleaning the tram tracks, ATAC, whom I thank, is also intervening urgently on the most critical and worn out areas of the tram network". On the subject of the tram network, on recent days Patanè has stressed that "we have four new tram lines to be built by the Jubilee of 2025 and another seven on which the previous administration has started to plan. We are not ready. We don't have the technicians to manage them or the capacity to manage the equipment. We must engage technicians. This is how the head of the Department of Transport described the tram network. Patanè also pointed out that "out of 77 existing trams, there are only 22 in circulation today. The Policlinico station will be reopened to passengers by Christmas. Here escalators and lifts have been replaced.

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