Work in progress on the new stretch of the Monte Ciocci Nord cycle path

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The Monte Ciocci Nord cycle path is part of the route that will connect La Giustiniana to St. Peter’s. This extension of about 700 metres being completed is the continuation of the cycle path built in past years and goes from the entrance to the Santa Maria della Pietà complex to the FL3 railway station of San Filippo Neri, providing cycle access to the railway station itself. The route is a continuation of the existing path in the public garden of Santa Maria della Pietà and crosses the Massimo Urbani garden, then running parallel to via Eugenio Di Mattei. The cycle path is bi-directional, reserved for cyclists, in asphalt and 2.50 metres wide. The unused land between the railway and the road needed to be cleared to build the cycle path, giving enough space for a pedestrian path 2 metres wide separated from the cycle path by paving in pressed concrete tiles. Between the outer part of the pedestrian path (towards the road) there is a 40 cm gap (also paved in pressed concrete) separating the pedestrian part of the new green lawn and the existing trees in via Eugenio Di Mattei. The pedestrian pathway, built within the residential area between the road and railway, is the new pavement on via Eugenio Di Mattei. Two public transport stops have also been relocated. The path then continues on via Barellai and via Giovanni Martinotti. Bicycle racks will be kinstalled on the cycle path opposite S. Filippo Neri station, near the roundabout on via Barellai, and in the garden of Santa Maria della Pietà. As regards safety, there is luminescent signage all along the route, in luminous points, which make the path easily visible at night.


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