Metrebus Card discounts for under-16s. 2.4 million invested

The facilitations for under-16s will begin on 1 August, when there will be a discount available for
students purchasing annual local public transport passes. Thanks to the financing of Roma Capitale,
the new facilitation will enable younger students, born after 31 December 2004 and resident in
Rome, to purchase an annual Metrebus Roma pass for a cost of between 30 and 70 Euros, according
to the ISEE income brackets, rather than 250 Euros. The Campidoglio has made this known in an
official note. In order to benefit from the discount, from 13 July 2020 until the funds allocated by
the local administration have been exhausted, which should enable a total of 16,300 passes to be
purchased, the parents/tutors of those interested must submit an application for the discount by
compiling the web form on the Atac website, where more detailed information is available
( Roma Capitale has allocated a total of 2.4 million Euros for this initiative.
The company will verify and authorise the discount if all of the requirements have been respected
and until the funds allocated for the four categories of income brackets have been exhausted. Young
students who have the right to the discount will receive a voucher to be used at Atac ticket offices
from 1 August to 31 December 2020. The outcome of the verification and the voucher itself will be
sent by e-mail. Atac will give a free limited edition card holder dedicated to the youngsters who
purchase discounted passes starting on 1 August. “We have set aside a package of resources to
provide concrete support to families and provide an incentive to uses buses, trams and the
underground in the city,” said the Mayor Virginia Raggi, “promoting public transport and giving
people who want to purchase transport passes the chance to make significant savings. We hope that
this initiative will increase the number of younger people using public transport for their daily
journeys”. The Assessor for public transport in the city, Pietro Calabrese, added, “The facilitation is
for families in all income brackets. Students under the age of 16 resident in Rome will be able to
apply for this special card as of August, thanks a total investment of over 2.4 million Euros. We are
encouraging the use of local public transport and also helping out families”.