Metro B and C, evening work in progress

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The current phase of the evening works related to the construction of the interchange with
Metro C at the Colosseum station is scheduled on Metro line B until Friday. Therefore,
between Castro Pretorio and Laurentina stations shuttle buses will be running from 9 p.m.
instead of trains, until June 26. Between Castro Pretorio station and the terminus of Ionio
and Rebibbia metro runs as usual, even after 9pm. Instead, along the Metro C, the evening
construction site which opened to extend the line right up to the Colosseum station, is
currently scheduled until July 12. Shuttle buses will replace the train service between San
Giovanni and Malatesta stations from 9 p.m. Regular metro service is guaranteed between
Malatesta and Pantano stations even after 9pm. Any updates will always be available on our