Mobility bonus, another 70 million available

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The Ministry of the Environment has made it known that it has
managed to obtain another 70 million Euros from the accounts of the various departments of the
Ministry for the so-called mobility bonus; these funds are in addition to the 120 million allocated in
the Relaunch Decree. The Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa himself announced the news
to the Senate last week. “The amount of the bonus is gaining a lot of favour and it is right to
imagine sustainable mobility, so if Parliament is willing to help us in this regard, during the review
of the conversion into law of the relaunch decree law, we can do even more in this context,” the
Minister underlined. The objective thus remains to obtain more funds for a measure that also
supports an Italian product. This country is the second largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world
and the largest exporter of these two-wheel machines, with 20,000 employed in the sector and
more than 3,250 sales outlets and manufacturers. Mr. Costa added, “we have also allocated
additional funds in other sectors: just over 300 million Euros for cycle paths in towns and cities and
for bike lanes, and therefore for structuring a different system.” How the bonus works – The
mobility bonus is a contribution of 60 percent of the cost incurred (500 Euros maximum) of
purchasing a bike, even power-assisted, electrical vehicles such as scooters or for the use of
shared mobility services (such as bike and scooter sharing, but not car sharing). There are two
phases of this bonus. The first phase began on 4 May and is still ongoing, and involves a
repayment. In order to obtain it, the invoice must be kept and submitted together with the
application for the bonus: The application must be made online, using an application that is not yet
active. Phase 2 will begin as soon as the application is available and also involves direct discounts
on purchases. The bonus is naturally usable within the limits of the available funds. More
information on



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