New bike racks

Roman cyclists have new racks to leave their bikes safely in front of the office, at the school, at the university or at the subway station. The first part of  this work has been completed to equip the Capital with a widespread system of "parks" for two-wheel users. Roma Servizi per la Mobilità has recently completed the installation of the facilities in 186 sites identified by the Department of the Municipality of Rome. The list includes public offices, university campuses, schools and subway stops; all places chosen in a sustainable mobility key for encouraging the use of bicycles as the only means of transport to go to school or to work, or to reach the public transport net. The laying of the racks goes hand in hand with the construction of the new bike lanes that are taking shape along via Nomentana (where the structure is already largely completed) along via Tuscolana (the construction site is in progress) and on via Prenestina Street (where work will begin shortly).